The bullet inside me


On a cold summer night was not one to miss.

For lights around sure made it a bliss.

A  villain comes 'round the corner looking at the man he sees.

"Yo ho" says the man

"Nothing here" relplies the other

A bang with a shot stings through

like a thousand knives piercing through his soul.

Try as he might,

he could not fight.

Because the bullet inside me has won.

For now all things cherished gone,

and the family he has is now none.



As strange as it might sound, this poem is about the stock market crash known as "Black Friday." The man is a wealthy investor, while the villain is the stock market crash. While the market didn't actually shoot the man, it left him in so much pain that his family wasn't able to afford anything. Thus the outcome of not surviving the Great Depression.



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