The Bull Dog

There goes Ed walking down the block

He's on his way find a rock.

All of a sudden, he turned and run

Someone let out their Bull Dog; he was so done!


Screaming and crying, Ed ran back home

He reached for his keys but instead found his comb

"What the heck?!" he said, gasping for air.

I'm also wondering how'd it got there.


He ran to the gate to get away

the dog finally made it onto his driveway.

The dog was eager to take a bite out of him

It wanted to rip his apart, limb by limb.


Now, what happens next is simply amazing!

Ed managed to jump over the fence in one jump. "Thank God!" he was praising.

He called animal control while the Bull Dog was barking with all its might.

They arrived, took him in, and Ed felt all right.


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