Build Up


United States
33° 33' 57.1716" N, 116° 10' 59.5452" W

Your body is just one piece of architecture.

Legs are the stairways to strength, willpower.
Arms the branches to sensitivity, care.

The neck is a test of patience and thought.
Your head, a network of sparks, possibilities.

Your eyes are-what else?- windows to the soul.
Your mouth is a social butterfly, a rumor waiting to spread.

Next is your chest, a cage and a doorway to the heart.
The body finally becomes a coffin, but also a birthplace.

Most of the time, people will feel like
their bodies are prisons; walls to keep
them away from the real outside world.

Realize one thing...your body is YOURS!

You do what you feel will express the emotion
and let loose your thoughts. Freedom!

So reach for those skies and hold on to the cloud.
Don't you dare worry about opinions of the smaller bodies below you.
Because the only way to go is up!
Give the only body you have a's yours forever.


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