Bubbles and Boxes

Mon, 09/09/2013 - 21:52 -- tcsam12

I am not African American,

I am not Caucasian,

I am not Asian,

And I sure as hell am not other.

I’m just human.


But, where is that box I can check?

The bubble I can circle in?

The option that I can click on?

I am struggling to choose an answer that suits your criteria,

But also represents me.


I am not part of your statistic.

I am more than a multi-racial, lesbian being raised by a single mother.

I am more than a minority.

I refuse to label myself and force

Other people to do the same.


I do not need to “explain further.”

There is nothing for me to explain.

All I can say is,

I am more than a circled in bubble or a checked box.

I am what I want to be.






thoroughly enjoyed, immense amount of passion

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