He was the mightest of the mighty, strongest of all men.

No man in all the world could bench more than he

He came with his merry band of Bros to a new land

"Dane's Gym" they called it, where a mighty beast, Grendel, had no gym etiquette.

He never re-racked his weights, never cleaned his sweat off of the benches, 

but he could bench more than any, and was untouchable.

Until Browulf came, he had heaerd of the scourge that tormented this gym, and had vowed to vanquish it

he went to the front desk, and met Dane himself, owner of the gym

"I have heard of a great beast, one who does not respect the laws of decency within the gym

My father, and his father before him, were men of great strength. In their time, they vanquished men of such horrid make"

dale nearly wept with joy upon hearing this, "I know you, and I know of your father, a mighty man he was, the evil one is over there, you must go quickly, before he is done with his reps"

And Beowulf and his bans approached this man, his muscles rippling, his mouth scowling at them.

"Grendel, horrid beast, I am willing to bet that I can lift far more weight than you, upon my father's grave."

Grendel let out a hardy laugh and spoke "you are a fool if you think you can beat me, I agree. If you win, I shall never return to this gym, nor any other."

and the two had a great battle, biceps, triceps, and lats were all destroyed inone of the greatest competitions ever, in the end, Grendel tore his left shoulder, and needed to be escorted to the ER, and Beowulf was victorious.


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