Brown Eyes

Sat, 11/02/2013 - 20:59 -- DawnP



You looked at me and said,

“I hate my eyes that are dull and brown.

They are not blue and pretty,

They are sad and make me frown.”


I looked into those deep brown eyes,

And said “Burnished brass that shimmers,

Beneath a dying sun in western skies,

Are a little bit what your eyes are like.


Copper colored woods in moonlight,

That reflect the stars in shining brilliance,

And fade into golden beaming sunlight,

Are a little bit of what your eyes are like.


Those shimmering orbs take in everything,

And reflect you and your inner beauty.

Emotion from their every facet captivating

My soul and the rest of the world."


Then diamonds shone in your little eyes,

As you looked at me and said,

Not with words but soul that does not lie,

“Now I believe I am something beautiful”


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