Brother In The Booth

The windows open

On a bright spring day

Sound of men shouting

“I’ll lead the way!”


He sits in a perch

High above ground zero

Admiring those preceding him

Most of them heroes


Scully and Costas, to name a few

His booming voice paints the view


“Hello everyone, my name is Benjamin Kelly.”

The nerves shooting through him

Circulating his belly


Sorting his papers

The microphone turns on

The batters steps in

His dream revs on


Through the innings we go

Batters stumped

Pitcher’s perfect

What never falters is his flow


Mid 7th we stretch

The 8th, we grind

The 9th shows all

All on his mind


Until the final catch


“And that’s the ball game!”

He shouts with joy

He now, no longer is a broadcasting boy

The top line reads St. Louis

5, 9, 0

The bottom reads Chicago

0, 0, 0 


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