Of Bronze, Stone, and Gold

Gods of bronze, stone, and gold,

Whose temples stand high, 

As churches change time,

Inspiring hearts of the beaten and beating -

As spears fall and lyres stall -

Athena still stands tall.


Guiding arrows of the past,

Apollo brings light to them all - 

Patients once forgotten,

Medicine and life brought to the sick,

Loved ones living,

They thank their new doctor.


She grows faster than the weeds in Kentucky,

Sowing seeds made her hands rough like father's,

Demeter is the newest farmer, 

Growing green vines - 

As green as her thumb -

As green as her money.


Her vines to wine, 

Directing the new show on Broadway,

Fulfilling dreams,

While filling a room full of smiles,

Dionysus raises his glass, 

And the actors receive their praise.


Though glasses fill,

Water drains dry as the styx runs high, 

Poseidon cried as they stay idle,

Home now waisted - he could not wait,

It was time to advocate:

Clean the floors and learn to recycle.


The sea floor rises but the forest fires,

Heats the sky

And singes a twig,

But Artemis knows:

Houses of brick and glass,

Rely on homes of stick and grass.


With stripes of zebras and tigers,

A poacher hears a lion roar,

But Artemis heard his last shout,

As her arrow pierced his leg

Her beasts now roaming free,

She protects her endangered friends.


Times have changed,

Temples to cathedrals, 

Home of gods once mountains and clouds,

Now houses of worship by man,

Spears fall as swords rise -

But Athena keeps looking forward - her statue never falls.



This poem is about: 
Our world


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