Brokenridge, CO


as i swam across the atlantic
a fish stopped me
calling by name
his eyes were blue
and if he were a boy
his hair would've been white 
a bright light in the depths of the ocean
he had 4 seperate voices but he was one fish
voice 1 asked the name of the sky
voice 2 told him it was sarah-lola-bridge-a-da
voice 3 whispered a song
"I'm leaving and there's no coming back"
voice 4 couldn't stop giggling
in that moment
i fell in love
with this strange mad fish
i couldn't tell him
the fear of breathing in water
stopped me 
voice 1 asked about the weather
voice 2 reported that it was 75 and balmy
voice 3 hummed the melody of the wedding song
voice 4 screamed uncontrollably
i had stayed to long
as my body started to sink
downwards into the dark waters
i could hear only one voice
and it was calling my name


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