The Brokenness of the Heart

Needles can stab and make holes,

Rocks can be thrown and make bruises,

As words can be said and make damages,

A heart can be tossed and break into tiny little pieces


It's not all about the separation from a lover

that made the hopes higher than the sky,

It can be about the loss of a friend

that was trusted with more than a dirty little secret.


It's not all about learning about the unfaithfulness 

of a person who took all that was precious,

It can be about the realizing lies from the fathers

when the promises of an upcoming bond never happen.


It's not all about learning the fact that

the person from the dreams is taken by another heart,

It can be about the right to be happy

is taken by a voice of lies of emotions and body images.


It's not all about being told that the lover

doesn't have a mutual love verbally,

It can be about facing the fact that the desires for happiness

don't match up with the reality of living hell and hatred.


It's not all about fearing that for the upcoming years

there is no ability to love another person,

It can be about knowing that the darkness is so dark

there is no knowledge of what's it's like to have happiness.


Deep cuts,

wide wounds,

damages from the words that were said,

emotions left terminally abused.


The brokenness of the heart 

has the answers of "why" that varies.

However, unconditional love and support

can be the effective treatment that will last. 





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