Brokenly Belonging



Sabrina P

We all want to find our niche and understandably so, but one must first discover who they are and what impact they want to have in this world.  We are puzzle pieces.  We all have a place in this world.  All you have to do is take a chance.  We adjust as we develop our passions and re-route whenever we find ourselves broken—but there is always a place for you.  You may not think you’re the greatest leader or even much of a leader at all, but you’ll come to understand that there are leaders with diverse strengths and abilities. 


You will see that some leaders take charge, while others quietly lead from behind the scenes. You will see that no matter what kind of leader you are, sometimes even the best leaders needs to be led too.  A good leader shows compassion, honesty, awareness, and the authenticity needed to commit their energy entirely to that which they are passionate about.  Today is the day to change the world if you just follow your inhabitions and make your wildest dreams a reality.  

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