broken world

Gods pen paints both my skin and limbs with very distinct shades of melanin, but they curse me for his beautiful creativity, to them my nativity is a scene of injustice, but that’s incorrectly worded, it should be a scene of justice. That’s what king fought for yet we still have racism amongst us. in cases I may have deserved to be arrested, but why did you have to kill me? over cigarettes and resisting arrest, does that mean you can still choke me until I can’t breathe? I whimpered helplessly," I can’t breathe, I can’t breathe!! but yet you still wonder why ice cube and N.W.A. stood up to say," fuck the police!" but okay you can say that that man is a criminal, but then how are you going to explain what happened to Philando Castle? Simply pulled over because of a broken taillight, wasn’t resisting wasn’t putting up any fight. Told an officer he had papers to have a weapon which last time I checked is a right. When instructed to give his license and registration, he reached down and after 4 pointless shots that was his life, never again will his girlfriend get to say good morning, I love you and goodnight. What is going on in this world, why do I fear to have a black life?


This poem is about: 
My country
Our world


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