Broken Spirit

As I watch the water flow from my hands a glance in the mirror reminds me

that I'm still human & the heart must break to heal.

Graphic and detailed memories Of a Broken Spirit. I've submitted to the

darkness & of the pain I felt, losing my breath was the easiest thing to do.

Walking amongst the crowd pity was not felt! Truly deserving

ROARS..of laughter

foolish Broken Spirit

the L on my forehead would depict a loser so I was marked and named a WHORE for a

performance held be hind closed doors.

Embarrassed and broken cause lack of knowledge furthered the humiliation of this


The anticipation of anxious hands grasps this angelic ass, so once more giving

into a lie as I lay there naked and confused

Broken Spirit

A mouth full of cum not swallowed bothered me

as his lips curved happy was he. I lost my respect somewhere on bended knee

and so unsure was he as he pulls his pants up and walks out

the door leaving me with this Broken Spirit....

Something to think about!!!


This poem is about: 
My community
Our world


Monica Chrisandtras Hines

Always be aware of who your dealing with...sometimes age does not equate maturity!

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