Broken promises

  • you said you will never leave my side
  • you said you will never hurt
  • you promised to wipe away my tears
  • my pain? you said you will make it my happiness
  • everyday i wake up, you breathe we will forever

be together

  • you made me believe in love because
  •  you always said i was your queen
  • and you are my protecting king
  • Yet you broke me up inside

like a glass of water throw on a wall.

  • my heart is left in pieces spilling blood
  • emotionally i am paralyzed
  • physically you left me poorly analyzed
  • how could you take away my souls freedom

and leave me emotionally imprisoned like this?

how could you hurt me like this?

  • From all the promises you broken, only one was a major priority
  • the one that goes "through evil,throught darkness,throught poverty

you will forever love me unconditionally".


THEME: is based on a girl who's heart has been terrebly broken by love, and love

is her boyfriend whom made her promises he failed to keep, and now she's got the

voice to speak for her broken heart

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