Broken Identity

Fri, 09/05/2014 - 22:39 -- omeyer


United States
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United States
25° 59' 12.7464" N, 80° 12' 55.44" W
Who are you to decide my worth ?
When I was the one who brought you up from nothing 
For it was I who glorified you with the riches you have now.
Instead you have become tainted with greed
And now follow the wretched path of those blinded with lust for more.
Oh the sorrow that breaks my heart into pieces
From being weighed down from the anchors of your evil.
Like a caged bird that fears to escape the coldness
In hopes that it will experience the warmth once again.
My mind used to be as light as a feather
With no fear that I would once be ridiculed by the one I nourished.
Please set me free from what I created for I no longer have the strength
To be a witness to it being consumed and morphed into an unknown figure.
You were once my center that I gravitated to for support
But now you are the black hole that will lead me to misfortune.
I wonder if there is any freedom for a being like you
That has captivated the eyes of many through deceit and empty promises.
If there truly were a lord with the will to end my suffering
Would it even be able to destroy something as powerful as your immortality.
Distant faded memories of your purity still come back to haunt me
As if to tell me that I am responsible for what you have become.
This responsibility of caring for a thing I no longer see as my own
Has begun to take its toll on my belief of escape or true freedom.



Mafi Grey

Well done, I haven't been on here in awhile but I'm glad to see the poets on here are as good as ever. 

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