Broken Homes from the Start ( The Hood through my Eyes)


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United States
41° 46' 31.098" N, 87° 38' 29.9112" W

I Grew up fatherless

Then Metamorphized into something Heartless

Picture the Tin-Man of the Wizard of Oz

Bent out of shape because he wanted to feel love and embrace!!

How thus story begins is in a Cold Case..

The Only father example I had was Jesus, The Son of God

But that didn’t help this young man that stayed in the wild!!

I saw survival ,love and hate and Poets greater than Great Oscar Wilde

Well, as my words soak deep into your pores

 Another glimpse of this flick unfolds

The Young women looked for Love

Love in the wrong faces

All what they got in replace

 Was deep lust from us

 Wrapped in no emotionAnd deep penetration

Was a young nigga in the hood focus

But no Father insight…

The closest love they got was getting praised from pulling out another young girl braids in a fight!!!

The young men were the worse;

Saturday morning was filled with tears.

A another young nigga passenger

 In the back of the infamous hearse..

Later on reminiscing on the good times with his legacy tattooed  on our Shirts.

“Gone but never Forgotten” 

Generational Cursed is how I saw it!!

 The streets that took love but never deposit any back!!

Willing to die for this mythical thing that wouldn’t even die for you back

Wood St ,Verdon addition, I have seen many slayings and endless killings

For what you might ask? The hell if I know…

But if the streets keep calling they always went back

And continue falling

Dying for something that’s not their own

A slave to their environment,

A vagabond to TYRANTS (GANGSTA and THUGS)


Paying for their forefathers blood and innocent murders

Heres a precentage for those who like numbers

 97% of fathers in my hood was none existences

But I Turned out better without that man

Modern day Pharisee my Dad;

A man who couldn’t control his fueling hatred of me

Me I was a lost seed


Spitting image of this guy who hated me

Truly I learned how to think like a man and see the forest through the trees

 From watching the black enterprise of episodes of “The Cosby’s”

Guide that inspired this poem: 


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