A broken geneology written to shine

Tue, 02/05/2019 - 16:02 -- JDiatte

A broken geneology written to shine

By: Joey Diatte


A crooked line of decietful acts

Bizarre mixed interactions where joy still lacks

With life as light as air

Riches endorsed on the pendulum of dispaire

Blind eyes see surface lonsomely fixated on the red

lacking the mysterious depths of what lays ahead


cowardess traits down to the core

path fixed straight from before

dispersed actions of groups sprouting in uproar

breathing ends for those whom curtsey and kiss in the wrongs they bore

Living and dying in mold and rust

Unknotting the seal in blindness they trust


Evil and broken like intertwine lace

Write with ink of historical notions, to destroy the place

false notions, creating a false plagued ball with beings masked with disgrace

Everything black destroying hope like dragon’s fires on castles of bliss

A geneology of misfits poured out like molasses on a white man’s fist

Families blood lines masquerading in toilets full of water tainted with piss


Everything shaping in distoration without meaning

Signifance overcoming meanings, found in abnormal birth

Birth of new life for the crooked line of groups starving for false foods

To rewrite geneology of design, sprinkled newness like one star to shine

foreknown by those whom exist with residence outside of time




This poem is about: 
My country
Our world


The Drowning Girl

This is very touching. Very truthful. Truely eye opening and gut wrenching. I greatly appreciate the passion you place behind your words. 

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