Broken Fantasy by Bruno Pardo&

Broken Fantasy by Bruno Pardo


Once upon a time, what a lie!

Once upon a time nothing happened

Once upon a time you were fooled


Once upon a time, fantasy unleashed

Making masses believe that true love did exist


Talking rats, animated trees

A crystal shoe that had to fit

Birds that sew and make a dress

For god’s sake, give me a rest.


A pale princess that ran away

A blond maid that couldn’t stay

A fire mermaid that couldn’t talk

Because she wished to finally walk


But with no effort they won

Won the prince, the castle and more

How they did it? I don’t know

I don’t care, I give up


Fairy Tales are just that

Delicious food that makes you fat

Just procure not to eat much

A bullshit-free diet that will last.

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My community
Our world
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