Broken fairytale

Once upon a time there was boy and a girl

Both who came from opposite sides of the world


The girl had her eye on someone who looked right through her 

Who didn't know her name and only thought of her as a loser


But one bright starry night during a unexpected time

 she met a boy  Their hearts right then would  inter twine 


He took her hand unaware that he took her heart 

And After that they could never again part 


Their feelings were strong 

But they knew it was wrong

It was a love forbidden 

So they kept it hidden 


Days and Weeks had past 

And then finally atlast

They took a chance 

On their romance 


But others refused to accept 

They tried to interject 

But the couple stayed strong 

And they lasted so long 


They had their own little language in a world the was theirs 

Together time stopped, there was no worries or cares 


So many laughs and memories they had made 

But then they were torn apart and the memories had fade


They stopped seeing each other for what seemed like ages 

They began to move onto a new chapter with blank pages 


The boy seemed to have found love once again 

But the girl was so heart broken that her heart never mend 


It's been almost two years since they met 

And even now she cries just trying to forget 


For fate brought them together back then 

So if it was ever meant to be it would happen again 


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