Tue, 08/19/2014 - 14:14 -- DeWren


Sleepless nights,wasted days run hand n hand,for a Blackman,
great unrest,as evil try to rule through out the land.
blood runs deep in the valley of oppression,caused by greed,selfish intent without confession.
Pharaohs curse,u take ours day n day out,but God took urs first,but u want see it till ur riding in a Hurst.
Yea this dream called reality is incomplete through and through,
from birth to death this lie becomes more true,that black skin is devalued less than glue,in the mind of a white man hi Hitler grew.
Two stories three stories houses on high,segregated neighborhoods living a lie calling themselves American by and by,why?
Power fed by lies,deceit,hate and greed,led by presidents,lawmakers,police follow the KKK seed.
My sleeps are an everyday,every night nightmare,
while they live in their glass floor mansions without a care.
When their troubles are to far away to see,it's because the hell they set on others is their after death reality.
And when we the true children of God wake up in heavens gates,all our broken dreams r past,and the free now is truly free.

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