The Broken Circle


The Broken Circle
By Samantha Reece
A world without reason
is all without purpose
No warmth, no feel.
All is in the air, meaningless mist
Echoes of once was, silently present
A neverending cry of nature
the quiet future of an apocalypse
Watery smoke drifting
along the tall statures 
wanting to grapple
to something that still exists.
The air smelled silent,
free of emotion.
The unsolvable mystery
desperate for answers.
Where? Where?
A color, a hue,
amongst this wasteland?
How? How?
How did this come to be?
Trapped in a blanket of time.
I don't remember anything...
It should not have been
I know only that much...
Yet something lingers
A trace, a shred
An invisible color
It gives comfort
A secret hope 
whispered to some.
Our circle is no more now
But you have one
Love it, hate it
It's your choice...
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