Broken and Here

Sun, 05/12/2013 - 10:27 -- als4545


United States
40° 4' 42.798" N, 94° 30' 2.0916" W

I love her, I really do
Can’t she see how hard this is for me?
I hear her voice break-up,
She starts to cry.
I cannot explain the reasons why.

This broken family is not my fault.
But still I try and mend it,
Through tears, scars, all.
Two sides with jagged edges.
Cannot peace exist between the blades?
I don’t think I can take it.

Spending nearly all my time with you
Because you really need me to
My heart grows fonder for that other side then.
Please, tell me...what should I do?

For I know they love me,
And miss me just as you.
Must things always be so complicated?
So messy, trite, so true?

To me, the world makes no sense.
Still I try and make it through.
Please, allow me to love you both.
It hurts me maybe more than you.
Oh, can’t you see?
My heart is blue.

I’m just a kid, who still needs you.


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