Broken Alice

You have fallen too far down the rabbit whole
you couldnt see the world above, you went too fast
Now you are broken and your pieces are too far apart
and there is no way anyone can put you together again
Maybe you never were broken - but at least you tried
you are too lost to be found and too far down to come back up anytime soon
All we have is a picture in a frame
of person you used to be and never will again
because that person knew how to be strong and whole
and now you have no idea where to start anymore
So say goodbye to the old Alice
and say hello to the broken Alice, the Alice they made you be
So look at that picture one last time
and tell that Alice goodbye
because in my mind that Alice is gone for good this time
The end is no longer near - it's here
too bad they had to break you.
Oh, Alice just know I did not want it to end like this or this soon
but I guess we all had to see this coming
So goodbye - to tears this time

Broken Alice - (my cousin wrote this and wanted me to post it)

This poem is about: 
Our world


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