As my eyes rain this cold, wet sorrow...

My heart yearns for a better tomorrow

To feel lips brushed against mine

Gently pressed, one of a kind.

Yes, the cold is trapped in my sweater

And my indulged frozen heart may never get better. 


My heart, a prisoner, doing time

For many unknown war crimes

I’ve been trapped in a room of isolation 

By a trick created by the patriot 

That declaration of love, but it is I...

Who has mistaken your love for mine.


The memories soar high above

The clouds of thought I never think of

Come naturally, as spring to flowers

But leave me broken, cold, dark, and coward


Why is it I can never learn to love another? 

But the jester of a man who creates my somber

He whispers sweet nothings into my ear,

He made all our promises disappear...

He learns my weaknesses and my fears


Makes me truly want to reprimand 

This lover who claims himself to be a man.


With no light at the end of my life or tunnel,

Loving you I’ve learned to fall and tumble.

But today I stand taller than a tree or tower

I’ve become anything I wasn’t,

I have strength and power.

But in my heart I’m trapped and scared,

Maybe I’ll never truly find my home anywhere


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Nice POEM <3


YEAH! its true its a nice poem :D 








Thank you <3

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