The tears streamed down in a steady flow

She cried a river like in the song

Her eyes turned red

Her fists turned white

She wanted to just give up the fight


They always say you’ll be okay

They always scream you’ll be all right

Her mom tells her the fog will clear up

Her stepdad says the pain will eventually go away

But she doesn’t want to wait forever to feel “okay” again


The saddest part is she doesn’t know what’s wrong

She cries for a reason unknown

She dies a little more everyday

Her heart breaks into another piece every minute


Her best friend always asks to fix her

But how can you fix something where the break is nowhere to be seen

Her boyfriend always asks to put her heart back together

But how can you put something back together where the pieces are missing

They are scattered somewhere that she doesn’t know


She feels the sadness in her bones

The tears come from deep within

She convulses from the tears and the hurt

She is so quiet on the outside

But when you listen

You can almost hear the demons inside


Sometimes the enemy is within

When she looks at the mirror

She doesn’t like what she sees

She puts on so much makeup that she is unrecognizable

She straightens the waves in her hair

She wears contacts so no one knows of her poor eyesight

By the end she isn’t herself anymore


Her daddy broke her heart before any boy ever could

She knew he would

Mommy always said he would

Maybe that’s where it all started

Maybe that’s why she’s broken


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