Teardrops Soak through to my Skin

Yet nothing Pours Out

Not the Memories, not the Secrets

And definitely not the Emotions—

At least not the Ones i Shared with You

That i Gave to You

And i Wish i knew which Pieces were which

Which Ones are mine

And which are Yours

i Kneel Down before You

Before the Cruel World Itself

No Use in Fighting—


i Let the Darkness Swallow me Up Whole

Along with what's left of my Pride—my Soul.

Criticize me

Curse me

Pity me

Disown and Damn me if You like

i have Nothing left to Lose.

i should be Afraid, i know

But i'm not.

i'm quite used to Plunging into the Great Unknown—

And as Deeply and Recklessly as i please

That's what Love feels like, right?

But, then again, how would i Know?

i'm Broken.

i'm Lost.

And i've Always been Yours.

You just Never Knew what to Do with me…

So i Wait for a Stranger

For Someone—


To Take me by the Hand

And Lead me Home Tonight


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