Sat, 12/04/2021 - 14:42 -- azco

Here I am again,

broken, bleeding, crying,

once again, my heart is broken,

she broke me,

broke all the promises, trust, my everything,

I trusted you so much,

I gave you my everything,

yet you broke me!

I fall apart, 

I never thought that she'd do this to me,

I thought I'm gonna make this through,

I took all her pain,

all her scars, 

and gave her a sense of belongingness,

But maybe she has taken me for granted,

There is nothing more painful than seeing her 

broke me, cheat on me first,

Now I'm bleeding the tears of memories we had,

falling out under myself,

Once again, I'll bleed waterfalls,

once again, there is no one to take my razor blade away,

I guess I'll bleed waterfalls all over again,

But who will know anyways,

I've been abandoned again!





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