Bring them home!!!


The pull up in their trucks and on their motorcycles
The rush into the school and take us.
they light the match to burn our school
we scream in fear and try to get away
They threaten us with their guns
we are just young girls like any other
why did the chose us? we are people,sisters and brothers.
And if it was their doughters would they still choose to slaughter?
Im speachless, Cats got my tounge
Why would they sell us? what have we done?
I did what they said, I dident try to run.
i was petrified by the sheer size of the guns.
please take me home sir, this is no longer fun.


After you read this poem look up the song one tribe.  It is an isperational song and it is how I believe we should live in this world.

we all need to be one.



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