Bring Back Our Girls; By Xubair

Mon, 05/26/2014 - 12:40 -- xubaire


Bring  Back our girls

We mourn.

We shout

We scream.

Sometimes we wish.

That this had never been.

But we turn to God.

The one who sees; the unseen.

The highest, most greatest.

The one and only; infinite being.


We mourn.

We shout.

We scream.

But the world chooses to be deaf, blind and simply a mute.

Because our problems are not yours, you simply do not care.

We’ve searched and searched and look only but everywhere.


But you do not care because it is we.

We carry this guilt on our back.

If only we weren’t naïve and protected our families.

But this is God’s plan, so we surrender on our knees.

Hands held high to the heavens, as we beg and beg; we plead.


Bring back our girls, alive and freed.

But you do not care because it us, it is us, it is only our creed.

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go xubaire ! beautiful just beautiful! :)

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