I have got my share of problems

Got my share of flaws.

But I know that I will blossom

I will gain your applause

I won’t say I’m perfect

But I will say I come close

You could say I’m handpicked

Just look out your window

I’ll see my name in lights

One day they’ll know me everywhere

As the one that writes

The one that has flare

I don’t write books

But you could say I’m comic

You could say I’m a crook

I’ll steal your breath away

That’s right! I’m comical

I make epic laughs

I make your voice crackle

With less than a paragraph

Knock knock, who’s there?

The dog, like always

I’m boredoms worst nightmare

It might be to your dismay

But I’m flawless with smiles

I’m flawless with jokes

Your laugh will go for miles

I don’t mean to provoke,

this bored little silence

I can’t just throw down jokes like this

I know I’ll need a license

What can I say, my humor is prime

This is where I get my confidence

Now I know when it’s time

Just know we all have some brilliance






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