On the Bright Side

Dark, gloomy gray skies boom with thunder.

Lightning flashing its beautiful light.

Flashlights provide paths of light,

While darkness tries to swallow us whole.

The storm becomes powerful, the thunder more angrier.

But on the bright side, familes grew closer.

Everyone huddled into one place.

Giggling and laughing at memories.

Some embarassing, some hilarious.

Board games slowly make their way to the families 

While flashlights are pointed towards them,

Making a spotlight.

Like children in an arcade, the home fills with excitement,

Even crys of fustration.

The sound of raining knocking on windows become lighter.

Lightning, running out of its electric blue light.

The storms became calmer, the thunder less angry,

But no one noticed until the birds sang their morning songs

And the sun shining its warm blanket of light.


This poem is about: 
My family
Our world
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