Briefcase in your heart

I see you

Through the flow in my head

See you clad in cloths

Dyed red


But not just the cloths

It's your whole being

Covered in this sickening blanket 

Of heat and pain


Are you in agony, I wonder?

Is this the hell they told me about?

Have we been condemned?

Reduced to nothing but pain

And hurt

At least we have each other

You and me

In our envelopes of crimson


I try in vain

"Take my hands," I shriek

"Let's protect each other"

You and me

Through this hell


My body contorts

And deforms into nothingness

Yet you.

You remain the same

Clad in red

With faraway eyes


Like a statue

Your eyes fixed somewhere else

You never see me

Just the red briefcase in your heart.


We aren't together

It's always been me alone

While you stand there aloof, with the briefcase in your heart.

This poem is about: 
Our world


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