Love is like a poorly made bridge.
It's not able to bear much weight,
It collapses under pressure,
And sometimes it's just really scary to face.

You're always unsure and uneasy
At first
But as you go along and take a few steps you get more comfortable
And begin to trust the bridge.
Meeting the halfway mark you relax.
Then suddenly
everything just falls out from underneath you.

yet you had this gut feeling since you first stepped
foot on the rotting wood bridge
that something wasn't quite right.

And even tho your plummeting towards certain death and a broken heart you still for some reason have hope that this meaningless love can be fixed.

That the bridge that just gave way from under your feet can be renewed by a few band-aids, a couple nails, and a love letter.

But you were hurt
Let down
And Broken
And now you're scared to cross bridges.

You see not all bridges are meant to be crossed

Some are too broken
Some are rotting away
And some were just built with the wrong material and no instructions

When you find yourself in a new romance
Step back and observe that person like you would a bridge you were about to cross for the first time.
And then put yourself on top of an elephant because that person has to be strong enough to support your emotional breakdowns .
Then add a few toddlers with squeaky toys because that person also has to be able to put up with your annoying loud mouth.
Also don't forget a $2000 debt BC dinner isn't cheap and this person needs to be able to support your appetite.
. And finally add all the love you can physically and emotionally conjure up and let that person know how much you truly appreciate and care about them.

Now if you find someone who can handle all of you and still show you love and support then congratulations
You're about to cross a bridge made of concrete and steel.
Your love will last and if that kind of love was really like a bridge who wouldn't want to cross it?


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