Breathtaking Books


there are people forgetting

hands slipping

tight ropes strangling any remaining hope

the boxes that conform them

explode from all of the pressure

the remains are scrambled together

in hopes that all hell has not broken loose.



it is a war zone

where no one remembers what they are fighting for anymore

their limbs are ripped from their souls

they are left with fragments of what they once were

and their loved ones try to identify their suffocated thoughts.



it shows you the birth of a new start

where the flowers blossom of life lessons

they hold no fear that their petals will be ripped away with chants of love

for they are invincible

thoughts flourish and

boundaries are broken and

beliefs are questioned and

ambitions are born and

expectations are stretched and

no one will even whisper the word can’t.



is a labyrinth that connects lives

where their feelings are explained

and comfort is given

they get to escape on an adventure

where they demolish their dragons

they escape with the princess

and happily ever after is the force field surrounding them.



26 letters make

over a million words that make



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