I don't know what they're talking about

Saying that your gone

Saying that you'll never come back

I don't want to know what they're talking about

No more

What do they mean

When they say you gone forever

That when you walked out that door that would never walk back

That you wouldn't be able too

That you can no longer hold my hand

They said your gone

That you will no longer hear

I can't breathe

I can't hear

I can't see

It all takes me back to you

Everything I hear reminds me of you

I everything I see seems to do the same thing too

I'm lost without you

I can't breathe without you

Slowly but surely this will kill me

I just want freedom from this pain

Of living in your memory

And knowning that you will never draw breath again

I can't see

I can't breath this is killing me

I can't hear past the static

I live in a contest memory

That is filled with you

Nothing but dreams of you

Nothing but memories of you

I can't breathe

Cause you will never breathe again

They told me you will never breath same as me again

We use to breathe the same air

We use to listen to the songs

We use to look at the same stars and look at the moon

Now we can't do any of those things again

Now look, look at me

Tell me what do you see

I'm a mess

If only you hadn't walked out that door

If only it was me who walked out that door

It wouldn't be like this anymore

I still can't breath

I still can't see or hear without the memory of you in everything I do

They keep telling me it will get easier

But do they really know

What it was like loving you

It took up my whole hreat

I can't get it back

I don't want it back

Cause I still want you to walk through that door again

They tell me it will never happen again

You hadn't live

Why was it you and not me who had walked through that door

I don't know

I guess I will never know

It's the past now

I can't change it sadly

It's getting easier to breath

I'm still being hunted by your memory

I seem to hear things that remind of your laughter everyday

I still see things that remind me of your smile

I'll never see you smile again

I'll never see you walk through that door again


I'll keep breathing for you

I'll keep living for you

Cause I know you would want me to

But I will never forget the memory of you

I can't forget the memory of you

Cause even thou you can't live beside me

You will live within me

You will stand by me inside my heart

For your memory shall never leave my heart empty

Cause your love is always everlasting

Cause Darling death doesn't stop love

It only lets you know how much it means to you

How much you love it too

Darling I will forever love you

Forever I will love you

And you always said

I will always love you too

So I'm going to keep living cause

Our love was everlasting

You still have my heart

I'll never get it back

But I don't want it back

Cause you will live on in my heart

Your memory will carry on

I'm finally breatheing on my own now

I no longer cry at our memories

I smile and laugh at them instead

Let our memory live on

Even through you haven't

I'll keep living for us both

Cause I ain't letting you go

Our memories will live on within me

Cause I still love you forever more

I will keep breathing for you

Cause that's what you would want me to do

And maybe someday dear darling we can see each other again

And hear each others laughter agin

So until then

I will keep breathing

For you



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