Breath-taking Momma

My mother is a tree

The center of nature a gift from the creator

she radiated oxygen through her lungs

her photosynthesis produced a life

she was so breath taking.

Breath taking earth shaking roots breaking she gave us air.

My mother worked days and nights.

Days and nights taking in our rage and strikes

exchanging rays and lights for the chance to give back to ship back to live back with our life

Stern and tall a mother to all stood shadowing covering supporting all life dependant on, around below and through her.

her warm appeal connected a feel of security to secure me of safety in the chest of her nest.

She shared her shade in the name of kindness but her blindness stood in front of her inner lionness as she spread out her leaves of comfort to the air around her

forgetting it was gravity that should be lifting her chin up and tell her to stick through this storm.

With thick branches my mother dances like she has a duet with the wind

Born as a leader she chose to mourn up to her healer. he feels her and steals her fear for foundation to grow her a nation of beautiful strength gardens of length his blessing to thank.

My mother is a tree.

Two branches being tugged down by three Shoprite bags on one side and my constant three nudges on the other begging for just ten minutes to play on the playground on our way home

See when it rains no one drains the stains her dirt leaves.

When the wind knocks the wind out of her she shows us her burr through the leaves she stirs.

She held her ground against every earthquake root break and hell even a heart break.

My heart breaks as i sit under her shade and finally realize her real lies that she'll never fade.

My mother is a tree.

She was pure and could cure every weather breakdown i had.

Had i known that her life of staying strong would soon be gone i would have saved every ounce of a splinter

or a leaf in the winter

and resurect her through a seed of my future.

My mother is a tree.

She has blossomed so inspirationally

but finally i concluded the message she wouldnt send

that although you can stand tall after a bend

all life will come to an end.

Because you see my mother,

my mother is a tree.


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