Breath Patterns

Thu, 12/08/2016 - 15:40 -- hie8897

Breathing, fleeting, nonexistent memories turned into dreams

Waking, realizing, the world isn’t as it seems. 

This life is temporary, find yourself now. 


Breathe in truth and exhale the voices that won’t let you go 

Try to forget though it still tries to cling

Finding out that your life should never take away another’s

Hoping that the love inside you is enough for the world around you

Seeing that there are others with a pulsing light inside

Wondering if your light is bright enough..


Learning from others and yourself just as much

Clinging onto your passions so you can stay sane

There’s a new life coming and it won’t be the same

Breathing at the thought of a new chance

It’s all about to change. 

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