Breaking Zone

My fluttery chest dances, with a want to create

The winter crispness hits my bare skin, my hair erect

Thoughts fly like horses, of which has began running a race

Tick Tick, time in the midst, tunnel vision, mind drifts to the next


I can't believe what I am doing, so mindlessly letting yearnings live

On to a piece of paper of which, I must embrace for I..

Have become the product of where my past have been pinned

So it is constantly being brought up as it stands in the sky


O' winter, how much must you have seen?

The work I've gone through, is it really what I am here for?

But I mustn't remain hesitant, for I am talking to thee


My oh my how time really flies

I'm the first in my generation, to go to where its destined to thrive

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