Breaking your heart was my

Breaking your heart was my favorite part


You see, that's the only time I ever felt a thing

You were great

Splendid in every way

Mesmerizing to any average eye

But I still couldn't feel a damn thing


Savagery overwhelmed my spirit

When I left you naked and bare

Your feelings exposed for the world to see

And I ignored it

I acted as if I was blind


This was all just a game to me

I don't love you

I don't want to love you

I can't love you


I apologize for this

That's the most sincere gesture I could offer

But I can't apologize for your arrogance

I warned you

And you acted as if you were deaf

Or incoherent

Either or

You still didn't listen


And at that, I'm glad I broke your heart

Because now you know

You've endured the pain I didn't wish upon you

And you miss me despite the misery I've inflicted


Now you understand

You understand that shitty little cliche

"Love hurts"

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