Breaking News! Misogynists Loosed a Wild Baboon!


Woman on the loose:
broken free, rank with sweat, blood on her chest.

She’s gone wild, riled at the stench,

cloaked in the gore of her own sex.



Woman on the loose:
silver cuffs lie discarded, without those bracelets,
she is hairy, frigid, man-hating, likely not ovulating.

Those manacles, they keep her cute, 

skin rosy-red, a ripened fruit.


The creature screams,
“Body, bone, flesh on display, 

I was unused, self-abused,

full of femininity.


A dancing monkey, turning tricks,

dumb ornament of politics and pop music.

Not too shocking, made men come flocking, 

when I gave my hair a flip.”



Woman on the loose:
a threat to families everywhere, be on your guard,

protect this creature from her own madness.

Unclean in church, unperson on earth,

Beware. A baboon, a feminist, a vicious savage. 



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