Bread, Love, Breath

That's a loaded question,

What can't I live without?

Love? Breath? Bread?

What about life? How could I live without life?

How can I live if I've already died if I don't again receive life?

What can't I live without? What CAN'T I live without?!

How can I live without His Life?

The life that breaths into my soul, that takes away my strife?

I need breath to live, yes, His living breath in me

I breath the life He brings.

Love is hard to live without, so I get it from the source,

He is love, of course.

All good things, yes all good things from Him come.

My body needs bread to sustain it, for energy, for life,

But true life comes from the torn bread and the spilled wine,

Wine that is blood, spilled to spoil my whine.

What He did for me, what He's done and what He'll do,

How could I live without that?

How could anyone live without love, joy peace and patience?

Without goodness, gentlessness or self control?

Is living without these living at all?

Life isn't meant to be spent carrying the weight of the world,

Laying on the ground in the fetal position curled.

He has come to unravel my mess,

To uncurl my clenched fists,

To open me up to a reality more real than what I thought was reality.

His breath is tangible, his love is sweet, his bread is good.

Without Him, who knows where I'd be.

He is what I can't live without.

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