i'm so sick and tire

of the media portraying bruce jenner as heroic

what was so courageous about what he did?

a surgical transformation to an identity that falsifies his true self

he's in denial of who he really is

regardless of how much silicon boobs you add to your chest

no matter how many inches of heels you can walk like a woman

you're not a woman

even your own mother convey that in my eyes, you're bruce jenner

thank you mom for your bravery to speak out about this sensitive, yet disturbing topic

and it's insane how states like texas already have a bruce jenner way on front street to represent an avenue

it's amazing how many friends on facebook he accumulated , tweets received on twitter in a short period time where he didn't have to work hard for it

versus a regular person trying to mingle at a social event where people outcast an individual making one to feel lonely, which is not equivalent

it's more sadder that bob marley finally have a boulevard named after him for his contributions to transcending the music of reggae on church and nostrand avenue

he passed away

julia de burgos have an avenue named after her for epitomizing the beauty of poetry in spanish harlem, not EAST HARLEM (not to be politically correct, but speaking truth) in paving the way for me to write and recite bold provoking thoughts

she also passed away

my whole point is what this goof did to deserve an avenue named after him, he's alive

you can argue with me all you want

in the bible that embodies historical facts when it clearly states that adam could never do anything without eve; that's how they multiply and carried on descendants from generation to generation

at the end of the day, god created you as a man.......PERIOD


and you recently won the arthur ashe courage award

you and arthur in the same class of courage

you got to be kidding me, got to be joking

arthur ashe was very courageous for overcoming racism when we was call a monker, a nigger, a spook

when all he wanted to do was be the 1st black person to play tennis

not only he did the impossible, but he won titles


bravey to me 

is a child standing up to bully for picking on him because he's overweight

he didn't take the easy way out and killed himself

he spoke about the essence of love and respect


bravery to me

is men and women fighting in wars in assuring that we continue to honor our freedom

and reminding ourselves to vote

please vote, don't take this basic fundamentals for granted


bravery to me

is when a woman who a victim of domestic violence finally tells her mate

enough, i'm done with you

i loved you, but you beat that out of me

i'm bruised, but no broken

she wears the color purple during domestic violence awareness month to inspire women to leave your significant other when one puts their hands on you or maliciously ostracizes you to feel worthless


bravery to me 

is when a person who is stage fright

have the courage to move the crowd in singing a classic whitney houston that harmonizes melodial sounds that uplifts one's spirit


when you think about bravery

please do not put bruce jenner (i will not refer him as caitlyn) in that same discussion of examples i mention that defines the meaning of heroism 



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Our world
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MVP-Most Valuable Poet

i may get flagged or even backlashed for this poem, but i express my thoughts genuinely and truthfully about this subject matter

i have a right to formulate my opinions


Bailey Reynolds

This poem is great keep writing and don't stop expressing your opinions no matter wat anyone tells Yu and remember are,words can tear down mountains.

MVP-Most Valuable Poet

thank you for the support brother, appreciate your comments

poetry became a part of me expressing thought provoking ideas

there is no fear in all that i say

words tear down mountains

it's all about moving the crowd

check out my other poems i wrote

Bailey Reynolds

Bro make sure to check out my latest poems and check back once and awhile

MVP-Most Valuable Poet

i'm definitely going to check out your latest work

i'm always checking out power poetry to support other poets, along with writing more provoking thoughts

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