The Brave Twists Hair


United States
25° 48' 37.8648" N, 80° 12' 15.2784" W

Ah, Gamer man, you have a destructive swagger,
Level over 9,000, Vegeta don't challenge him!
I make lots of funds from buttons, disks and my hands,
I make lots of fun in smashing foes with a thought,
Please, no! do not see me..
Oh so you see me... Rasengan times ten!
Twist hair, look up, jot pen, click click!
The noobs are on fire! The noobs are on fire!
What it's not my fault curious babies can't jump rope,
When fast riders are slow, they are fast, but slow,
Wrong decisions long age.. wise, but young dumb,
Banks of joy with no income, rich but broke,
My eyes wield male dominance like a man out of Rome,
You say Mercedes-Benz? I say new Audi,
You say you like to bend? I say don't call me,
I'm say I'm a gentleman, ha ha! I say so,
Nothing on my cape is out of place, I am brave.


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