When you are a child you idolize people who strike the hope in you
And fill the vacant light inside your empty shell
You build them castles to rule, and give them victories, and name them kings, queens, and Gods
To you this is not a fantasy, It is your place of safety, behind the satin drapes of your mind
The things you dream of having, of doing, and saying
All stem from your Idol preciously dipped in gold and shining until they fall
Hard, Like all heroes do, a moment of weakness, a moment of heart-wrenching truth
Striping you from your child-like fantasies, beautiful white washed castles, and red rose rings
You finally open the shades to reality and it drives you mad
You walk the earth letting it twist and mold you into villains, creatures of despair and loss of innocence
The pain eats you alive making you hunch over in the streets
You let the world hear you scream piercing the ears of anyone that passed
While you lay there hoping for someone to save you the sun rises
They grey dust of the moons finally settles and the sun breaks the horizon
It touches the ground in a way you never noticed before
And whispers the warm wonders of the universe
You stop, and the world stops spinning, you grin and balance out the weight upon your shoulders
Never will you have to depend on heroes of the imagination
You tread the streets saddled on your horse and scream of the names of your victories
Never will you hide behind your creations of light
You are the savior guiding yourself home
Never will you seek strength in fictional idols of misguided hopes
What will stop you?
Who could stop you?
Would you stop?


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