Brand New

Everybody wants a new puppy, 

Can't walk, rolling in it's shit and scratching you, 


It's mother, probably harrassed by, 

Some middle aged white guy, 

using a turkey bastor to get that semen in right, 

get her fertilised, 

then sell her babies off for a high price, 

all so he can live a nice life, 

and everyone else can keep turning a blind eye, 

to the dogs that are, 

sitting in cages, 


let's face it, probably never get taken. 


Cause no one wants an old dog, stressed dog, life's a mess dog.

They're only wise and grateful,

full of love even though what they've been through is hateful. 

But everyone keeps buying crates full. 

And making excuses for why they paid for one. 


NEW NEW NEW we want everything NEW

clothes, cars, shoes, 

the breed of our dog we wanna choose,

as if it's a new dress 

"I want a black labrador, those are the best!"


So breeders keep breeding, 

Ego keeps leading, 

Puppies keep teething, 

Dog shelters heaving. 


This poem is about: 
My country
Our world


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