Brain Waves


Blackwater Drive
United States
39° 0' 39.2544" N, 92° 58' 36.8868" W

Electricity. Neurons. Synapses. They control what I think, do, see. Or so I hear in Class.

Thoughts. Movements. Habits. Trivialized to simple, subconscious connections.

These neurons bouncing in my brain, a control system built into us. Programming to computers.

What does this make us? Puppets? Marionettes, hanging from these strings of electricity?

What are these things that control me? I can't see them, feel them, hear them. Are they really here or did we make them up to find an answer to how we think?

What does that make me? That something so simple, so small, so insignificant can control my personality, my memory, my fears.

Am I just an empty shell filled with the thoughts of these electric signals? An automaton subjugated to the will of my miniscule masters? 

Love? Ha! Merely the release of chemicals. Happiness? Think again! The dopamine has just began to release.

Thoughts. Movements. Habits. Do you control you're body, or does it control you?


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