BPD - So many people inside your Mind



“I think deep inside
everyone hears a voice, some of us hear many… whether they admit it or not.”
I’ll be your constant reminder,  
I’m stuck to you like glue,  
And I’ll always be the broken child  
The one inside of you.  
Am I that stranger,  
Your inner child, in your head?
Or am I the nightmares  
The ones you feared would come back.
A proven statistic,  
I’ll make you succumb to suicide.  
I am a study  
proven by fact,  
invisible like-ghost  
haunting your past.  
Or am I that dream  
you had last night?  
The feeling of horror,  
that brings you fright.  
I am one  
with many forms  
unstable emotions,  
through many a story  
as I am darkness.  
A demon possessed in time,  
I am death.  
The spirit in subconscious mind,  
I’ll be patient  
as I wait till the hour,  
where I’ll awaken  
to become your maker.  
It’s all about survival,  
striking with venom,  
condemning you to  
a mind-filled poison.  
I am regret  
as the storm calms down,  
I never meant this,  
now sinking till I drown.  
I am war  
against all else.  
awaiting help, wandering lost.  
I am hope,  
you’ll survive this darkness.  
Suffered and conquered,  
a life in all your stresses.  
I am reason,  
that voice inside your head,  
that follows your footsteps  
never leaving till your dead.  
I am your thoughts,  
frightening and twisted,  
haunting your dreams  
forever inside your head.  
I am emotion,  
intense tremendously,  
erratic, silly, gloomy,  
a pain, and a bother with a side of grief,  
I am a lusted feeling,  
bringing you another side  
of unstable, emptiness inside.  
I am your reflection,  
of another side of you,  
the mirror only distracts yourself,  
eventually we become two.  
I’ll live within  
inside your head,  
I’m never leaving  
till your dead.  
Joanna Ryan-McDonald

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