To the Boys and the Men

so sweet

so damn sweet

all loving

cuddle craving

and then romance

and those hot times

you made be feel good about myself

but I don't think you feel good about yourself


a totally new thing

your rules, I’m following

as you say, I’m doing

hidden actions, hidden words

I liked it

it scared me


I wanted a relationship, you know

one wrong thing said


oh no?

you’ve got a girlfriend: not me

in another state: AZ



what are we


not ready

I was tricked

are you alive? dead?

a doctor? your brother?

it was pity

I was played


damn it, we were good

we told each other

deep secrets

we kissed each other

deep secrets

I shouldn’t have been scared to ask

if you’d choose me

over cigarette ash

but I was

because I knew the answer

I knew you

you knew me

I think





everything was a lie

“I met you through my friend”

we were sly

“we’re going to the movies”

no one knew I was tied


not even I

knew what you wanted


everything was secret



I had to buy $30 shoes

to keep it hidden

innocent, new, sweet

you were nineteen, I was seventeen

twice kissed, the end

you’re missed

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