The Boy Who Was Unique


United States
41° 34' 42.3444" N, 87° 15' 6.7752" W

When he was born, he was special.
He learned things a different way.
He seen the world through unique eyes.
He spoke in the way he thought others spoke.
Some seen him as stupid, but I seen him as unique.
He was smart, but showed the world differently.
He was artistic, yet he had trouble showing it.
He was athletic, but no one gave him a chance.
He had dreams, but had trouble getting to them.
But out of everything, he stood strong.
When he was pushed down, he stood up.
When he should have given up, he kept on.
When the world was against him, he proved them wrong.
He never gave in; never quit.
Never ran away.
He was the boy who fought for what he believed
And never quit.


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