The Boy Who Lived


I am flawless

But not in that way

I am flawless

Because I live today

I dreamt of suicide once upon a time

And I literally thought

That death would be fine

I looked down the barrel

In a figurative sense

But almost literally, too

And my recompense

Was I was leaving a world destined to die

I was going to a world

Where no one would cry


But the harder I thought

About this plan of mine

The more I realized

That it wasn’t fine

“Suicide is boring”

I once said with a sneer

“Who wants to die

When success is so near?”

I had realized then

As I realize now

That the world is not good

And my question was “How?”

“How did we get from the light of the sun

To the darkness of the crypts?

Has a new age begun

With the solar eclipse?”


My dream of suicide was therefore,

Just a dream

Because I realized then

There exists a winning team

A team I knew for

Them the bell of success rings

Of fighters and heroes,

And champions and kings

And my role in life was not

To end up dead on the floor

I couldn’t go out that way

I wouldn’t go there anymore

The flawlessness came

In a burst of great pride

I realized I was one-of-a-kind

And I was still alive


It was an entertaining notion

But it didn’t last long

These suicidal thoughts

Soon were all gone

I had become flawless

This ugly surface I had skived

And just like Harry Potter

I became the Boy Who Lived.


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